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Eagle Fort Holdings is an established financial advisory firm that listens to and takes care of our clients. With a fiduciary duty to protect clients objectives, we craft holistic methods tailored to your needs while providing a high level of personal service.

What makes us different?

Eagle Fort Holdings distinguishes itself in a number of ways. As a team of professionals holding strong industry knowledge with a keen focus on client satisfaction it is extremely important to us to maintain and develop our reputation as an independent, vibrant advisory firm focused on results and client care. We have completely removed any conflict of interest and always put the needs of our clients above our own.  Simply put, we answer to our clients, not shareholders.  Eagle Fort Holdings also employs a unique and diverse advisory and support team.  With experience managing wealth strategies from simple asset allocation design to the most complex financial plan, Eagle Fort Holdings have specialists with the knowledge to help you meet your financial challenges head on.

How do I know you will act in my best interest and not yours?

Eagle Fort Holdings hold a solid fiduciary standard.  This means that the we have a responsibility to act in good faith and always in the best interests of our clients.  We must be loyal, use reasonable care, disclose any conflict of interest and fully set forth our compensation.

Our Approach

Your roadmap to financial security is unique. At Eagle Fort Holdings, we know it is not just about your assets; it goes much further by taking into account your lifestyle, your family, your aspirations and legacy.

You have the right to expect a financial plan tailored to your life objectives. That is why we deliver a highly personalised process, built on in-depth communication and patient analysis.


We start openly by creating a framework, to do this we discuss the details of your current financial picture and your goals into the future. Outside of your investments, we can look at your retirement plans, liabilities, and charity or community interests.

We will also need to discuss and identify your risk profile, but most importantly we will listen to ensure that we fully appreciate your intentions, concerns, ideas and objectives.


Once we have clarified your objectives, we can fully review your current financial circumstances, taking a wide view of the situation and isolating any obvious issues. Our advisors will gain a complete understanding of your financial life before beginning to map out feasible, sustainable paths towards your goals.


From there, a complete strategy will be formulated tailored to your determined risk levels and time events in the future related to family, retirement etc. Together we will review how you feel, offering alternative approaches coupled with our professional advice.

Being an independent company, we hold the very highest levels of service maintaining a fiduciary standard. This means that we advise in an honest and unbiased manner adhering to the principle of putting our clients interests first, even above our own.


Once we’ve all agreed on a prudent strategy, we’ll work to implement it over time. If your plan involves outside professionals, like an estate attorney or accountant, we’ll collaborate with them to execute your moves in the most optimal, efficient way possible. At every stage, you’ll receive updates on how things are progressing and what the next steps will be.


After your new plan is fully implemented, we’ll continue to look after your interests. Our advisors will regularly check in, reviewing any changes in the market, your objectives, and your financial situation. We’ll reassess and refine your plan to keep you on track to achieve your dreams.

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