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Institutional Partnership

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Our Vision

A Committed Tailored Service with Disciplined Strategies

Eagle Fort Holdings

Eagle Fort Holdings, a Hong Kong based investment management firm, was formed in 2014. Eagle Fort Holdings offers expertly designed investment building blocks to select institutions, business clients and retail clients who benefit from our institutional insight.

Our financial advisors work to develop effective game plans for all the clients that we guide into the markets. For us, it’s about simplifying the complicated. As trading advisors, our role is to enable you to confidently achieve your goals.

We have evolved into a tight team of trading advisors and analysts, who are dedicated to serve both our corporate and private clients.

Our comprehensive services include financial planning, investment management, wealth advice, wealth management, fiduciary financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, risk analysis, and our institutional services.


An independent firm that goes above and beyond to serve our clients, grounded in a fiduciary duty.


We believed that investors should not overreact to news, but focus on their objectives.

About Us

Our advisors and clients develop long-term relationships rooted in trust and transparency.

My husband and I have been with Eagle Fort Holdings for 4 years. We have been very satisfied with the insightfulness, strategies and compassion over the years. We would recommend to contact this team if you are serious about getting the best service.

Lucas Price - NZ

I was referred to Eagle Fort Holdings and their team through friends who were very pleased with them and I certainly would tell anyone that so far, they have done a great job and exceeded my expectations. Along with great financial results they are always exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable

Patricia Wilkins - Switzerland

Eagle Fort Holdings epitomise professionalism and is a great choice for those needing a professional financial service. They take the time to understand my immediate and long term goals and advise me on the proper investment approach to align with agreed future goals.

Chris O'Sullivan - Ireland

Don’t be a Stranger

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to find out more, why not speak with one of our account managers. Just send in a short email or quickly write a note on the webform. We would like to hear from you! There is no obligation and we will respond quickly.

We think that you will be pleasantly surprised once you do.

Applying For An Account

Explore the benefits of having an Eagle Fort Holdings Account. You can be assured our team of seasoned financial professionals will deliver thoroughly analysed opportunities to you. Clients experience a level of support they rarely see from our competitors, which sets us apart.

When a client opens an account via the website. Firstly, they contact one of our account managers via email. Following the initial communication we will arrange a phone appointment. There will be a short conversation to ensure you understand what the account is, then, provided that you are happy to proceed, and you qualify, we will give you instructions of how to set up an account via the website (the process is not time consuming), which can either be executed by printing off a form or completing an online form with no printing required.

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